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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Friday, August 29th, 2013

Dear Humanities Kids,

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! IF YOU MISSED CLASS, and several of you did, then you MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SUBMIT your assignment(s), even if you are not in class. The two assignments that were due on Friday were given to you earlier in the week; consequently, you had prior knowledge of a due date. The assembly does not excuse you of turning your assignments in on the scheduled due date. For those of you that did not submit your annotations or your adaptive cover, please note that you will need to submit them on Wednesday for up to 50% of the total points. STOP MAKING THOSE CHOICES!

1. We completed our discussion on Journal #2. We discussed that all art forms have merit; even if you do not care for a piece, the fact that someone else does indicates that you still must respect it.

2. We also discussed some of the color choices for your annotations. Each student submitted their annotations.

3. We then shared our "Adaptive Covers." We were SO IMPRESSED with the ideas you developed for your Humanities Academy covers....well done!

4. Ms. Davis then continued with discussing the ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES of ART. If you missed class, please stop by the Humanities Academy room and locate the handout covering the "Elements and Principles of Design."

1. NONE! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!