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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thursday, October 31st, 2013....Happy Halloween!

Dear Humanities Academy Kids,

1. Test covering Greek Gods on MONDAY! You will see pictures of the Greek gods, and I will ask that you identify the god via their symbols.  You will need to identify the Greek, Roman, one symbol not shown, and two domains if the god has more than one.

I am aware that we did not discuss all the gods, so create flashcards for the ones that we did review. In addition, all of the gods are indicated on the practice quiz, but we did not discuss #8 or #10, so just skip those. 

2. Create Flashcards for the gods. You can use a 1/4 of the number that you create on the quiz.

 PRACTICE QUIZ for Friday's Quiz

Please identify the god by their Greek and Roman names, symbols not shown and domains (include all of them if they have more than one.) Some of the images depict all the symbols so identify the gods' Greek and Roman names along with their domains. I apologize that some of the images are slightly blurry. No clue????????












Tuesday, Oactober 29th, 2013

Dear Academy Kids,

 If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. Each student received his/her exam covering Egypt/Meso and Ms. Davis went through them with the class.
2. We then started our discussion regarding the GREEK PANTHEON! Yes, we will be "in" Greece for the next few weeks, and it makes sense to begin with the gods! Each student was given a packet, which you can collect from the make-up box, and we started our discussion o the gods.
3. We also went to the library where every student received a new textbook entitled MYTHOLOGY. If you were absent, please stop by Ms. Davis's room and collect a book and then check it out through the librarians.

1. Please read pages 20- 37 in MYTHOLOGY. Annotate and notate only for ORANGE. Focus on 3-5 points of interest regarding the Greek pantheon. DO NOT WRITE IN YOUR BOOK.
2. Read and annotated "Where did Greek Mythology start?" This handout is part of the packet that was distributed last class period.